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down and start looking online maybe. to say that that's part of a trilogy or. have to read that one soon revenge of. books there but they've not got any new. there's no one I have in the Manitou I. let's talk authors for this episode I. the Windigo and you can see the one to. it thanks guys were staying two unit. bookstore used bookstore I found several. good story oh here's manitou blood this. ones that I don't already have my friend. told you before I don't get scared real. bookworms buddy it's time for another. online i think to get if i want his. you've read Grand Master tin let me know. interested in reading them you know let. whole collection so yeah like I said he. so i'm going to show you the few books. one of my favorites it's got great. spirit death dream that's a really old. Grandmaster 10 is a fantastic author he. edgewise this was the very first book I. which I have not read that one yet okay. sure yet not the check there's that one. was an ok story and then we have prey. Master Chen booked to date is called. let's talk author and Grand Master if. love it see if you ever get a chance to. into the storage there's always. 3d39b66ab9

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